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Contemporary World from the perspective of 20th Century East Asia History

Tokyo, Japan


1. Symposium purpose

Asia today, and East Asia in particular, enjoys relatively peaceful international relations and economic prosperity. The region has a great diversity of political systems and relatively few failed states. In any attempt to analyze these two features by examining 20th century Asian history, nation-building and international relations become important concepts. The comparative absence of failed states in Asia suggests that the state-building process in East Asia, including countries with a colonial past, has proceeded relatively smoothly.

This symposium discussed the historical development of East Asian countries from the perspective of interactions among the state, society and markets, in the context of dynamically changing international relations.

2. Symposium outline

Host: the Japan Institute of International Affairs
Time: Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Venue: Kasumigaseki Plaza Hall (Kasumigaseki Building)

3. Program

13:15-13:20 Opening remarks (JIIA President and Director General)

13:20-13:35 Introduction (Akihiko Tanaka, President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

13:35-14:05 Keynote speech (Dwight Perkins, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University)

14:05-14:15 Break

14:15-15:25 Panel discussion

Moderator: Akihiko Tanaka (President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
Panelists: Shin Kawashima (Professor, the University of Tokyo), Shinichi Kitaoka (Japan International Cooperation Agency President), Tadashi Kimiya (Professor, the University of Tokyo), Kei Nemoto (Professor, Sophia University)

15:25-15:45 Q&A session


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