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JIIA is pleased to introduce the inaugural edition of the Japan Review. This new journal will be published in English three times a year, offering a broad range of expertise on foreign policy issues connected to East Asia. With the Japan Review, our objective is to outline key areas related to the context and challenges Japan faces on a range of historical and geo-strategic issues. The Japan Review will look at these issues from a global analytical perspective. It will also offer analysis of Japan’s evolving foreign policy as it adapts to new geopolitical realities. Japan Review welcomes contributions by both Japanese and foreign experts working on these topics.

JapanReview_Vol.1 No.1 Fall 2017
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Resource Library

Resource Library is a part of our multi-faceted effort to make available in English researches and arguments, originally presented and only available in Japanese, on issues of relevance to Japan's international relations. It is hoped that rectifying this deficiency of information in English would lead to a more balanced and constructive discourse outside Japan on these issues.

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