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Compliance with laws, regulations and other norms

The Japan Institute of International Affairs (hereinafter, "the Institute") will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other norms in protecting the privacy and personal information of persons using the Institute's services.

Intended uses of personal information obtained

The personal information obtained from users within the scope of those purposes deemed necessary to the Institute's activities will be used by the Institute to contact users, to send out questionnaire surveys aimed at improving the Institute's operations, to notify users of symposiums, forums and other events being hosted, co-hosted or supported by the Institute, to send out publications issued by the Institute as well as other information and materials, and to serve as reference data when preparing content for the Institute's website. The personal information obtained from users will be appropriately handled within the scope of these intended uses and will not be provided to third parties, except when otherwise required by law or regulation.

Inquiries about personal information

Institute members wishing to inquire about their own personal information may contact the Institute, which will respond appropriately.

Website access log

The Institute's website records visits and stores access logs. This information will not be used for any purpose other than statistical analyses of website access trends and numbers of visits, and diagnoses of problems with the web server. The results of statistical analyses will be used to ascertain user access trends and will serve as reference data for future website administration.

Security management measures

The Institute will endeavor to ensure/improve security to safely manage the personal information it has collected.

Continuous improvement

While complying with all relevant laws, regulations and other norms, the Institute will strive continuously to improve its efforts to protect personal information in line with changes to the operating environment.

Handling of personal information

Outsourcing of payment/settlement operations

The Institute consigns to an outside service provider the operations necessary to settle payments for products and services.

Content of personal information

The personal information needed to settle payments with the payment service provider is as follows:
Transaction ID, name, telephone number, e-mail address, amount, credit card number, credit card expiration date.

Intended use of personal information

This personal information is to be used in carrying out operations necessary to settle payments for goods and services; the use of personal information for purposes other than this intended use is strictly prohibited.

Disclosure of personal information to payment service provider

The Institute may disclose/provide the following personal information via a contractor at the request of the payment service provider within the scope required to carry out operations necessary to settle payments for goods and services:

Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery destination, detailed information on product(s) ordered

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