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Policy essays by JIIA Visiting Fellows and other experts on geo-strategic and historical issues.

Title Author Published
Japan and the Indian Ocean Region:Engagement for Capacity-Building, Regional Security, and Ports Development
Institutionalizing Defense Cooperation Agreements: A Contextual Study of India & Japan's First 2+2 Foreign & Defense Ministerial Meet
George Bogle's1774 Mission to Tibet: Establishing English Trade and Reach beyond Northern Borders of Bengal
Searching for a middle path: ASEAN and the "Indo Pacific"
Initiating Tibet and English East India Company's Ties in the 18th Century: The Warren Hastings Years
The Quad process: The evolution of diplomatic and maritime security cooperation in the Indo Pacific
2019 ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting-Plus: Enhancing Bilateral and Regional Cooperative Security for India and Japan in the Indo-Pacific
Why Germany matters for Japan
Governance, Educat ion, Trade, Finance, Religion, and Gender: Ekai Kawaguchi's Notes on 20th Century Tibet
British India, Russia, and the Future of Neighborhood Diplomacy: Ekai Kawaguchi's Notes on 20th Century Tibet

The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of The Japan Institute of International Affairs or any other organization with which the author is affiliated.

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