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Policy essays by JIIA Visiting Fellows and other experts on geo-strategic and historical issues.

Title Author Published
Power balance: Japan's Role in the Indo-Pacific under the constraints of big powers priorities and unsolved historical and territorial questions
North China, Boxer Rebellion, Japan, Nepal, and Foreign Explorers: Ekai Kawaguchi's Notes on 20th Century Tibet
Ekai Kawaguchi's Expedition Inside Tibet: From the Frontier in July 1900, to Lhasa in March 1901
Reaching Tibet in July 1900 via British India and Nepal: Journey of the First Japanese, Ekai Kawaguchi
Does Australia have an "Indo Pacific strategy"?
Sharing the same principles: an essential factor for cooperation, stability and the resolution of territorial issues in the Indo-Pacific
Development of Sri Lanka's East Container Terminal Port: Japan & India's Regional Cooperation in South Asia Shaping Up
The Role for Middle Powers in the Free and Open Indo-Pacific: Looking at Opportunities for Canada and Australia
Territorial Annexation of Tibet: Tenure of the 13th Dalai Lama(1876-1933) recorded by Charles Bell (Former British Political Representative in Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim)
The Coming of Ages of the EU Strategic Thinking on Asia Part 2 : Understanding Each Other Challenges: Towards a New Partnership with Japan

The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of The Japan Institute of International Affairs or any other organization with which the author is affiliated.

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