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Policy essays by JIIA Visiting Fellows and other experts on geo-strategic and historical issues.

Title Author Uploaded
Australia and Japan facing "disruptive" challenges to the rules based order in the Indo-Pacific
Power Transition and Beijing's Japan Policy under Xi Jinping
Taking the Cudgel for the 12 July 2016 UNCLOS Ruling? The Revival of the QUAD
1958 UN Conference on Law of the Sea: Six Decades of the Legal Order for Seas and Oceans
Australia and the "Indo Pacific" concept - disambiguating the "idea" and the "region" from quadrilateral "strategy"
Between Hope and Misgivings: One Summit and many questions
Underscoring the Historical and Legal Basis for Settlement of Territorial Issues
Japan and Canada: Enhancing Security Cooperation
Japan and Korea Must Look Forward
Rethinking Regionalism in Asia: Influence of India's Pragmatic Ancient Statecraft Arthashastra

The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of The Japan Institute of International Affairs or any other organization with which the author is affiliated.

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